A dentist, a dazzling joker and an egomaniac – Alex Gore is not your typical writer to be found in the magazines for literary criticism. Controversial and unpredictable, he is often described thus:
“He does not write clichе stories, following scripts with predictable endings…”
“He provokes and teases…”
“He is engaging and amusing…”
“He never repeats a theme or a plot…”
“He keeps you on your toes till the very shocking end…”
“From the first paragraph you will feel the different, the unknown…”
“In his books you will discover things you have never read before…”
“You will love him or hate him, but will find that you cannot wait to buy his next book…”
“You will read without stopping for a breath and afterwards your mind will be enthralled by the plot for a long time… till the next exquisitely woven story…”
A self-confident and successful surgeon, an innovator and workaholic, Alex Gore surprises everybody once again with his breakthrough in the literary field.

Today the bad boy of medicine is engaged in a project of dental software for face aesthetics, studies law at university, writes books and is a distinguished dental surgeon. His clinics are among the most visited and he himself is among the leading specialists not only in his country but in Europe too.
Before his meeting with Professor McDowell Alex Gore states that the only thing dumber than writing books is reading them.
Then he resorts to his talent and describes in an equally thrilling manner a journey through black holes and orgies with lesbian caresses and plenty of cocaine. Temptations, crime elements and comedy are often intertwined in an endless cocktail of first-rate drugs, printed on paper. Biblical references accompany his work both with the subject of a submarine, that came from nowhere and accosted in the desert, and with the description of a brutal rape in front of the Sunday school in a little town by a river.
Craziness? Ingeniousness?