In the middle of the Libyan desert mysteriously a Russian nuclear submarine appears, half buried in the dunes. Strange shining floats in the sky and its color varies as if dictated by mood. Nobody knows what is happening, yet everyone is sure – the two phenomena are interconnected and most probably relate to alien interference.

An international team of experts in various fields – a plump ingenious mathematician, an Epicurean minded prodigy, a bold journalist with a dark spot in his past and a beautiful workaholic biologist – together with military officers from the USA and Russia take upon themselves to unravel a mystery that might be a threat for the entire mankind.

In a chaos of mathematical equations, physics puzzles and time paradoxes, among mental enigmas and dynamic showdowns our characters, themselves entangled in their complex personal relationships and inner demons, are endeavoring to perceive the Cube – what is it, where has it come from and is it able to destroy all of us?
Be prepared for a thrilling story that will capture your attention in a way that you will not stop thinking about it any time soon.